When it all started (best moment)

As Luis walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch, I grab my girlfriends’ computer while she was cooking.

need to know ...I have no job and still have no answer from the school. When are they going to tell me something?

While Ariadna was chopping some onions

Soon, but you don't have to worry ...I know that you got in.

Luis turned on the computer and then walked to the fridge to get a beer.

Do you want one? Oh sorry, there’s only one left. We'll share it.

Ariadna’s cleaning the tears in her eyes

This onion is killing me. Is this enough for the sauce?

As Luis walked to get two beer mugs, I checked the onions

Yes, is perfect.

Luis sat down to check his email. The first message in the inbox was from Katie. Then, He jumped away from the computer.

LUIS (continue)
I got an answer, but I’m to nervous to open it. Please, you do it.

Ariadna washed her hands in the kitchen sink.

Coming. ... I know that is a Yes!

Luis was siting on the floor, rocking back and forward like a crazy person, waiting for her to read the mail.

So, what does it say? Tell me please!

Ariadna was clicking the mouse to open the email as if her life depended on it.

Nothing yet. Internet is so slow.

Luis still was on the floor rocking back and forward

Come on, come on. Hurry up please!

Ariadna turned around slowly then looked at Luis in his eyes. At that moment, Luis stopped rocking.

You got in. ... Congratulations!

What ? Really? Is it true? Please, please let me see, let me see.

Luis got up and jumped to the computer almost pushing Ariadna out of the way and read the mail out loud.

Hi Luis, After reviewing your assignment, essays and creative samples I am pleased to congratulate you on your acceptance to Miami Ad School.

Luis started jumping from one place to the other and gave Ariadna a giant kiss. He grabbed the phone to call his dad.

Dad, guess what, I just got the mail and it’s a YES!

Hey! Congratulations, you really deserve it. You worked hard for it.

Luis turned off the stove then grabbed the keys to the car and walked to the door.

We are going out to eat. I’m to happy to cook. Let’s celebrate.

Ok, I want Chinese.

Luis and Ariadna walked out of the room

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