Blown Cover, Thomas Davini True Story

Thomas Antunes Davini

Thomas “Undercover” Davini (born January 14, 1987) is a Brazilian born Spy pretending to be a Copywriter at Miami Ad School. The Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (Brazilian Soccer Federation) trained Thomas to recruit only the best soccer players. His Training: Thomas started his training when he was eighth years old with the Brazilian Mafia. At age 12, he was one of the top recruits of the program. In his 13 birthday, The Brazilian Soccer Federation hired him for a special mission. He had to prepare for 10 year in the advertising business the Target was Miami Ad School. He worked for two anonymous Ad agencies in Brazil. These agencies helped Thomas redefine this creative writing skills.

About the target:

Miami Ad School: it is well known around the world of the advertising business. The school gathers the best creative soccer players in the world. They believe that Soccer + Creativity = Soccer Champions.

Thomas mission:

Kidnap the 5 top Creative Soccer Prospects from Miami Ad School.

Early in his Life:

Thomas was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil January 14, 1987. At the age of 8, he got involve with the Brazilian Mafia. He learned survival techniques, weapons and assault, and a lot of professional soccer techniques. After 5 years in the Brazilian Mafia, the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol hired Thomas for a special mission. The Brazilian Soccer Federation helped Thomas to develop a more advanced soccer technique. Also, he learned to play nice or as the Brazilian call it, Joga Bonito. For ten years, Thomas trained and learned all about Joga Bonito, until he was ready for The crucial Mission “Steal the 5 top Creative Soccer Prospects from Miami Ad School”.

The reason Why:

The Brazilian Soccer Federation had two raise the alarms after loosing the World Cup finals to France in 1998. They hired Thomas in the year 2000, and just after two years with them, he managed to recruit an All Star Team that won the World Cup of Japan Korea in 2002. The Brazilian Soccer Federation was so pleased with the results that kept Thomas for other 8 years. Soccer at Flamingo Park Thomas doesn’t play soccer on Sunday because he is afraid he might lose his cover, but the truth is out. Thomas rented an apartment to use only on Sundays. This is his lab. He has a picture of any student that played soccer in the last 6 months. This apartment is in front of Flamingo Park.


Thomas keeps winning advertising awards such as Golden Paws, Addys and many other. This way people think that he is a genuine creative copywriter.

Now, the truth is out. Everybody must know that Thomas Davini is actually a Brazilian Spy with only one purpose in mind.


What happens in a elevator...

Who farted? Not me.

I was waiting at the elevator with the head of security. We had a meeting with the president of Mercantil Banks assistant regarding an event we were going to make out side Caracas. When we got in the elevator on the eighth floor, there was one person riding it. She was a middle aged woman, very well known at the bank. We said hi and she waved back. Suddenly something happened because she was going to the 28th floor and she changed. People change their mind all the time. We did not pay attention and continued talking. We reached the “new level” and she got down, leaving a smelly little gift for us. The smelliest fart ever. She had to go to church to save her soul, because her body was a lost cause. That was not the worst part. While we were struggling to breath, someone got on the 26th floor. It wasn’t some random person, NO! It was the head of Human Resources. We were in the elevator laughing and struggling to breath. It took him just two sniffs to realize what was going on. We were laughing trying to explain. More people got on the 28th floor. So, I think we got blamed for the fart because we could not explain. We were not going to blame the old woman because no one was going to believe us. We had to take the blame.

Cream a la Death

NY Times Obituary.

In a dark, dirty alley, just a few blocks away from the White House, a homeless man was found dead. His name, Robert Paulsen. This was the third corpse that Washington Police found near the White House this week. It was a coincidence that all three hobos had died by asphyxia. They all were stuffed with French vanilla cream, and near each body, there was a chocolate eclair. Security alerts were raised near the White House. Police and Secret Services moved all the homeless men far away from the President’s house. They needed a secure perimeter to investigate what appears to be a Serial Killer.

The new French Chef René Verdon was delighting every one at the White House with his French Cuisine. Especially with his deserts. President John F. Kennedy was also impressed with the chefs cuisine. The dessert that day was perfect, just fantastic as President Kennedy describes it. Verdon served this “April Desire” this dessert consisted in a meringue shell filled with raspberries and chocolate all toped with French vanilla cream. President Kennedy asked why he didn’t serve his favorite dessert, the Chocolate eclair. Verdon just replaid that he had just run out of those, but he was going to make some more next week.

Another dead body was found in the back of the White House. This time it wasn’t a homeless man. Sergeant Douglas M. Peppers was lying on the floor stuffed with old, rotten french vanilla cream. This time near the body was a Mocha eclair. President Kennedy was taken out of the Presidential Mansion with his family. He said that Chef Verdon should come with them. Once they were in another location, President Kennedy asked Verdon for something sweet. Chef René said that he had just prepared some Mocha eclairs, luckily he brought just a few.

Once upon a time a Mojito

Miami Beach is a sunny day. Collins Avenue was empty. Francisco, bartender at Mojito Island, was bored as hell eating some fresh mint leaves at the bar waiting for a costumer.

Weird, there is no one at the beach.

A gigantic shadow appeared at the corner of Mojito Island. Francisco lifted his head and with his left hand he grabbed the bucket of ice just to be ready. He looked down to grab some plastic cups. When he lifted his head, there were three guys. One of them wore a cowboy hat the other had a baseball cap on with a t-shirt that says, “Frankie Say Relax” The third guy was wearing a European male thong. They all approached the bar and at the same time asked for a Mojito. Francisco looked around just to realize that he didn’t have enough ingredients for three drinks, but these guys truly looked weird and he didn’t want to make them unhappy. Francisco turned on the radio and put some funky music.

OK guys, three Mojitos coming right up.

what are you going to do know? These guys look weird. They can do stuff to you.

Shut up brain, I’m trying to think.

What did you say?

Nothing, I’m just talking to my self

OK, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

OK brain, one more word and al drawn you in alcohol.

Francisco did what he could with what he had. He put the Mojito on the bar and ducked screaming.

Here is your order

The three guys looked at each other and tried to reach the glass of mojito, before they could reach it a motorcycle stopped in front of Mojito Island, got down off the bike and came in the bar.

Hands off of my Mojito

The three guys turned around, looked at the guy and laughed. The motorcycle guy took three steps forward and talked with an unusually deep and loud voice.

That is my mojito. Hands off.

At that time, the motorcycle man reached into his pocket and pulled out some lemon juice then sprayed the three guys all over their bodies. They freaked out and ran out Mojito Island screaming.

He is crazy. We are going to have dark spots if we go out with lemon juice. We have to take a shower.

That’s it, run. Nobody touches my mojito.

He drank the mojito in five seconds, reached down the bar and grabbed Francisco with one hand. With his other hand, he turned down the music. Put down the remote control, reached for five dollars that he had in his pocket and shoved it in Francisco’s mouth pushing him to the floor. As he walked out the bar, he turned around and looked at Francisco.

I'll be back at five o’clock for another Mojito, be prepared.

He got on his motorcycle and drove away.

When it all started (best moment)

As Luis walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch, I grab my girlfriends’ computer while she was cooking.

need to know ...I have no job and still have no answer from the school. When are they going to tell me something?

While Ariadna was chopping some onions

Soon, but you don't have to worry ...I know that you got in.

Luis turned on the computer and then walked to the fridge to get a beer.

Do you want one? Oh sorry, there’s only one left. We'll share it.

Ariadna’s cleaning the tears in her eyes

This onion is killing me. Is this enough for the sauce?

As Luis walked to get two beer mugs, I checked the onions

Yes, is perfect.

Luis sat down to check his email. The first message in the inbox was from Katie. Then, He jumped away from the computer.

LUIS (continue)
I got an answer, but I’m to nervous to open it. Please, you do it.

Ariadna washed her hands in the kitchen sink.

Coming. ... I know that is a Yes!

Luis was siting on the floor, rocking back and forward like a crazy person, waiting for her to read the mail.

So, what does it say? Tell me please!

Ariadna was clicking the mouse to open the email as if her life depended on it.

Nothing yet. Internet is so slow.

Luis still was on the floor rocking back and forward

Come on, come on. Hurry up please!

Ariadna turned around slowly then looked at Luis in his eyes. At that moment, Luis stopped rocking.

You got in. ... Congratulations!

What ? Really? Is it true? Please, please let me see, let me see.

Luis got up and jumped to the computer almost pushing Ariadna out of the way and read the mail out loud.

Hi Luis, After reviewing your assignment, essays and creative samples I am pleased to congratulate you on your acceptance to Miami Ad School.

Luis started jumping from one place to the other and gave Ariadna a giant kiss. He grabbed the phone to call his dad.

Dad, guess what, I just got the mail and it’s a YES!

Hey! Congratulations, you really deserve it. You worked hard for it.

Luis turned off the stove then grabbed the keys to the car and walked to the door.

We are going out to eat. I’m to happy to cook. Let’s celebrate.

Ok, I want Chinese.

Luis and Ariadna walked out of the room

Pictures and songs

1.- Sarah Brightman. It takes me back when I was in school, it was a classical music school call Emil Friedman.

2.- Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21: I think about my grandparents and how we used to go to the club. My grandfather use to listen to this kind of music a lot. I think about simpler times...

3.- Blood Sweat & Tears - I Love You More Than You will Ever Know. I felt weird. The only thing in my head was that my love for beer started quite early.

1.- Sarah Brightman I felt confuse. It likes the best song (just the music) to describe Caracas. It a beautiful but dangerous city. By just looking at the photo and listening to the song, I could imagine all kind of crimes, kidnaps, murders happening in the city. But ironically, I Love that city with all my heart.

2.- Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21: I just feel at home.

3.- Blood Sweat & Tears - I Love You More Than You will Ever Know I felt home sick. Just hearing the first part of the song was extremely hard. Specially when he says If I ever leave you.

1.- Sarah Brightman: I felt out of place, but at the same time likes it was a new beginning.

2.- Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21: Peace... I feel like doing nothing, with a beer in my hand just listen to the waives hit the beach in the company of close friends with decent music.

3.- Blood Sweat & Tears - I Love You More Than You will Ever Know I felt lonely but happy. I felt like that sunset was only for me. Also, I felt secure and everything was going to be all right.