Once upon a time a Mojito

Miami Beach is a sunny day. Collins Avenue was empty. Francisco, bartender at Mojito Island, was bored as hell eating some fresh mint leaves at the bar waiting for a costumer.

Weird, there is no one at the beach.

A gigantic shadow appeared at the corner of Mojito Island. Francisco lifted his head and with his left hand he grabbed the bucket of ice just to be ready. He looked down to grab some plastic cups. When he lifted his head, there were three guys. One of them wore a cowboy hat the other had a baseball cap on with a t-shirt that says, “Frankie Say Relax” The third guy was wearing a European male thong. They all approached the bar and at the same time asked for a Mojito. Francisco looked around just to realize that he didn’t have enough ingredients for three drinks, but these guys truly looked weird and he didn’t want to make them unhappy. Francisco turned on the radio and put some funky music.

OK guys, three Mojitos coming right up.

what are you going to do know? These guys look weird. They can do stuff to you.

Shut up brain, I’m trying to think.

What did you say?

Nothing, I’m just talking to my self

OK, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

OK brain, one more word and al drawn you in alcohol.

Francisco did what he could with what he had. He put the Mojito on the bar and ducked screaming.

Here is your order

The three guys looked at each other and tried to reach the glass of mojito, before they could reach it a motorcycle stopped in front of Mojito Island, got down off the bike and came in the bar.

Hands off of my Mojito

The three guys turned around, looked at the guy and laughed. The motorcycle guy took three steps forward and talked with an unusually deep and loud voice.

That is my mojito. Hands off.

At that time, the motorcycle man reached into his pocket and pulled out some lemon juice then sprayed the three guys all over their bodies. They freaked out and ran out Mojito Island screaming.

He is crazy. We are going to have dark spots if we go out with lemon juice. We have to take a shower.

That’s it, run. Nobody touches my mojito.

He drank the mojito in five seconds, reached down the bar and grabbed Francisco with one hand. With his other hand, he turned down the music. Put down the remote control, reached for five dollars that he had in his pocket and shoved it in Francisco’s mouth pushing him to the floor. As he walked out the bar, he turned around and looked at Francisco.

I'll be back at five o’clock for another Mojito, be prepared.

He got on his motorcycle and drove away.

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