First Times

First time I went to a sleepover was a disaster. The food was terrible. The house made sounds all night long.

My first time was just casual sex with some random girl, nothing special about that.

First time I had stitches was when I was just one year old. Felt down and hit my right eye against the side walk.

First time I got drunk was when I was 12. I still remember that day because I drank more beers that my age. I cant pull a stunt like that now. Twelves beers? Are you crazy.

First time I bought (with my own money) a car was here, just a few months ago. I actually needed it because I live 45 min away from MAS.

First time I got in a plane was a long time ago, I was just a baby... it was a trip to Aruba.

First time I used a gun was at a shooting range. That day I realize that I don’t have the guts to shoot another human being.

First time I shaved I finished with more cuts than hair.

First time I played catcher in a baseball game I got hit in the nuts twice

First time I cooked for a girl, I burned the food, bought a sour wine and forgot the dessert

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