Cream a la Death

NY Times Obituary.

In a dark, dirty alley, just a few blocks away from the White House, a homeless man was found dead. His name, Robert Paulsen. This was the third corpse that Washington Police found near the White House this week. It was a coincidence that all three hobos had died by asphyxia. They all were stuffed with French vanilla cream, and near each body, there was a chocolate eclair. Security alerts were raised near the White House. Police and Secret Services moved all the homeless men far away from the President’s house. They needed a secure perimeter to investigate what appears to be a Serial Killer.

The new French Chef René Verdon was delighting every one at the White House with his French Cuisine. Especially with his deserts. President John F. Kennedy was also impressed with the chefs cuisine. The dessert that day was perfect, just fantastic as President Kennedy describes it. Verdon served this “April Desire” this dessert consisted in a meringue shell filled with raspberries and chocolate all toped with French vanilla cream. President Kennedy asked why he didn’t serve his favorite dessert, the Chocolate eclair. Verdon just replaid that he had just run out of those, but he was going to make some more next week.

Another dead body was found in the back of the White House. This time it wasn’t a homeless man. Sergeant Douglas M. Peppers was lying on the floor stuffed with old, rotten french vanilla cream. This time near the body was a Mocha eclair. President Kennedy was taken out of the Presidential Mansion with his family. He said that Chef Verdon should come with them. Once they were in another location, President Kennedy asked Verdon for something sweet. Chef René said that he had just prepared some Mocha eclairs, luckily he brought just a few.

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