Blown Cover, Thomas Davini True Story

Thomas Antunes Davini

Thomas “Undercover” Davini (born January 14, 1987) is a Brazilian born Spy pretending to be a Copywriter at Miami Ad School. The Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (Brazilian Soccer Federation) trained Thomas to recruit only the best soccer players. His Training: Thomas started his training when he was eighth years old with the Brazilian Mafia. At age 12, he was one of the top recruits of the program. In his 13 birthday, The Brazilian Soccer Federation hired him for a special mission. He had to prepare for 10 year in the advertising business the Target was Miami Ad School. He worked for two anonymous Ad agencies in Brazil. These agencies helped Thomas redefine this creative writing skills.

About the target:

Miami Ad School: it is well known around the world of the advertising business. The school gathers the best creative soccer players in the world. They believe that Soccer + Creativity = Soccer Champions.

Thomas mission:

Kidnap the 5 top Creative Soccer Prospects from Miami Ad School.

Early in his Life:

Thomas was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil January 14, 1987. At the age of 8, he got involve with the Brazilian Mafia. He learned survival techniques, weapons and assault, and a lot of professional soccer techniques. After 5 years in the Brazilian Mafia, the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol hired Thomas for a special mission. The Brazilian Soccer Federation helped Thomas to develop a more advanced soccer technique. Also, he learned to play nice or as the Brazilian call it, Joga Bonito. For ten years, Thomas trained and learned all about Joga Bonito, until he was ready for The crucial Mission “Steal the 5 top Creative Soccer Prospects from Miami Ad School”.

The reason Why:

The Brazilian Soccer Federation had two raise the alarms after loosing the World Cup finals to France in 1998. They hired Thomas in the year 2000, and just after two years with them, he managed to recruit an All Star Team that won the World Cup of Japan Korea in 2002. The Brazilian Soccer Federation was so pleased with the results that kept Thomas for other 8 years. Soccer at Flamingo Park Thomas doesn’t play soccer on Sunday because he is afraid he might lose his cover, but the truth is out. Thomas rented an apartment to use only on Sundays. This is his lab. He has a picture of any student that played soccer in the last 6 months. This apartment is in front of Flamingo Park.


Thomas keeps winning advertising awards such as Golden Paws, Addys and many other. This way people think that he is a genuine creative copywriter.

Now, the truth is out. Everybody must know that Thomas Davini is actually a Brazilian Spy with only one purpose in mind.

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