Most embarrassing moment

Hmmm. .... this one happened a long time ago, but I remember it like as was yesterday. I was still in high school. That day we were going right after class to a friends house to do some school work.  After class his mom stopped at Mc. Donald's because we were extremely hungry. After that, we went to his house to start working on the school assignment.

After a few hours working, lightening struck in my stomach. Thanks to Ronalds home made food I was about to do the only thing I hated to do in a strange house which was to poop! So, I went in to do my business. Just 5 minutes in, my friend knocked on the door telling me that the toilet wasn’t working well by then it was too late.

Like a professional football player, I looked up to the big guy and asked for some help then flushed the toilet just to see the water twirling and coming up and up stopping at the very edge. At this point, I was on my knees talking to the water, “Please stop, please, stop”. Now, with my pants around my ankles, thinking what was I going to do. My friend began knocking on the door asking,” Is everything ok?”. I replied, “ No, everything is fucked up”.

At that point, I was sweating cold and my legs were shaking and I got no place to go. Back then we didn’t have cellphones like we do now, so I couldn’t called someone for help. I was all by my self. Me against all odds. So, I grabbed a cup that they had in the bathroom and started taking some water from the toilet to the sink until it had enough room to flush again. This time it went down.

When I came out, everybody was waiting for me. My friend’s mom was so worried that she even made some green tea. My friend’s dad, who just got in from work asked me if I was doing OK. That wasn’t the worst part. Next day at school when I walked in the classroom I got a standing ovation.

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